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 Looking for a REAL Psychic? She is IT!

by ktmatsuda at Citysearch    
I was desperate..., and it was my first time I had ever consulted a psychic adviser. Did I believe in psychics? Now I DO. I can't even begin to tell you how much she has helped me. I'm still here because of her help, honestly. Of course, there are fakes and hoaxes..., like in any industry. But, there are REAL ones, I learned. I was extremely lucky (if you knew how UNLUCKY I was then), or God led me to her. She is busy, but it is worth pursuing her. She does palm reading and Tarot reading, as well as psychic reading. I think she is particularly a superb clairvoyant. Her fees are surprisingly reasonable. I will keep seeing her for sure, and would recommend her to anyone who does not even believe in psychics. And, lastly, she is not weird or eccentric..., if you are wondering. She is a very nice and friendly normal person...., except her psychic ability, of course.

 Best psychic I've ever been to

by KellyDorais at Citysearch 

Crystal is an angel! I had my first reading with Crystal on a day I was at my emotionally weakest point. She was incredibly kind and supportive, but more importantly, her insights were spot on. She gave me the courage to keep the faith in my current path and in myself and I am a different person today! Thank you so much Crystal!

Cristal has been featured on many Popular Psychic-lines like Keen & Kasamba! These are actual reviews!

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